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We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

See below for a full list of our services

Laser Measured Surveys

Laser measuring is by far the most accurate way of mapping any property. We use state of the art measuring equipment and software to capture every detail inside and out of the property. A precision of ± 5mm over 100 metres is achievable with this equipment - giving a normal working accuracy of ± 25mm between any two points after building tolerances have been taken into account. During this process we will measure every room in the property, individually taking specific measurements of doors, windows, sill heights, changes in floor levels, ceiling heights and any structural details.

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3D Site Scans

3D SCANNING: In larger or more architecturally challenging properties, we use a 3D scanning system to complement our laser measuring technique. The 3D scanning camera is placed in several positions in the room and completes a 360 degree scan, capturing every detail in the room with its amazing 134 megapixel camera. The scanner will also measure in all directions creating a 3D environment, which can then be walked through and assessed by the design team.

Aerial UAV Surveys & Photography 

A drone allows us to capture large areas of data in inaccessible or hard to reach locations, using high resolution photographs with GPS location information to provide you with a reliable and accurate package of information. The use of the drone is a far faster and safer means for inspecting high level area or areas where it may not be safe to walk, and removes the need for any high-level access equipment which can be costly, slow to operate, and has a limited operational reach. We’re also registered with the CAA and fully insured to under take commercial surveys. 

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3D Design & Modelling

In modern construction design, 3D modelling is an amazing tool to help you unlock the full potential of your ideas. It gives both designers and clients the ability to fully understand, how a design or space will work in the real world, by being able to see a project with a sense of scale and depth. Our BIM (building information modelling) workflow, packs our design models with technical data, which becomes crucial later down the line, when drafting technical drawings sheets and construction work begins.  

Photorealistic Rendering

Photorealistic rendering is a digital process using a 3D model within a software package to create a digital image. The result is a rendered image that is hard to distinguish from a photograph or a real life object. It is an amazing way to visualise your future projects.

These types of images are especially useful in the architecture and interior design process, but also for use in selling off plan developments, product displays, prototypes and furniture catalogues. 

A photorealistic image allows our clients to feel a real connection with the proposed space or product - leaving nothing to the imagination!  

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Animation is another great way to truly visualise a proposed space. Our animations are created within a software package, using a digital process involving the 3D modelling and site date taken throughout the design process. The result is a truly immersive experience, allowing you fully explore a proposed space. Animated construction can also be used to show how a project is assembled, without the need for a technical background in construction. 

Technical Drafting Services 

On selected projects, we also offer technical drafting services. This consists of 2D plans for use with planning applications, building regulations, section views, interior details, exterior elevations and MEP design. 

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Consultation & Training

Along side supplying the construction industry with technical services, we also offer consultancy and training. We help businesses by assessing their workflow and advising on the most efficient ways to deliver high quality output, while also offering specific advice on technical issues within their unique working environment. Our training packages are tailored specifically to each client, and have been written along side PGCE qualified teachers to ensure they are perfectly structured and deliver a high standard of learning. Feel free to get in touch for a no obligation chat on how we can help your business.  

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