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Chapel House Fram_edited.jpg


Chapel House Farm is a stunning property located in the heart of Marple, Stockport. Built in the early 19th century. Unusual for its prominent and architecturally distinctive false façade to peak forest canal, intended as an eye catcher. The property is located in a green belt area meaning careful consideration had to be taken throughout the product to ensure planning approval was met. Studio L49 were appointed principle designers to ensure the proposed development was undertaken with sensitivity and attention to detail

Timber Framed Oak Porch

This CGI shows the timber framed oak porch design in the courtyard section of the property


This CGI shows the proposed Orangery design 

Interior Alterations 

The interior layout has been completely re designed to make better use of the properties space.


Chapel House Farm has been fitted out with the very best renewable technology, including Solar, Ground & Air source heat pumps to ensure the property has the lowest carbon footprint possible. 


Unique for its stunning canal facing façade.

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