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About Us

We design for everyone

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Studio L49

Studio L49 is a carefully assembled team of designers, engineers and construction industry specialists who share the same passion for great design and an exceptionally high standard of work. Founded by David Livsey in 2016, David has spent the last 19 years working on projects across the construction industry. 

The team smash the boundary’s between discipline’s and believe that collaboration and teamwork is the secret to real achievement and progression!


With an attitude of rarely nothing being good enough, the team pride themselves with an exceptionally high standard of work, from the design studio to consultancy and training. 


The teams main focus is in architectural design and visualisations, measured building surveys and technical designs services. Generally speaking if a project or product is suitable, then they're happy to get involved. It doesn't matter to what degree, whether the service required is in 3D modelling, architecture, landscape, garden rooms, exhibition, product displays or room sets.


We truly believe that forming lasting relationships with our clients through reliability and an exceptionally high standard of work is the key to a truly successful business. 


We've worked across most areas of design and construction over the past 19 years which makes us an ideal partner for your project.

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