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3D Design &
Photorealistic CGI Images

Design and Build Is What We Do

Studio L49 Is Leading Quality Projects

Design & 3D Modelling 

3D design provides a level of design depth that 2D floor plans and sketches cannot. It allows our clients to understand what a space will feel like, with a real sense of scale.

Various technical details can be taken from the 3D modelling including elevation, section and floor plan views providing all the technical details required to produce high quality drawings, which can also be used throughout the construction process.  

3D Modelling allows us to make constant changes to a design as it is developed and apply variations to suit a clients requirements.

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Photorealistic rendering & Animation

Photorealistic rendering is a digital process using a 3D model within a software package to create a digital image. The result is a rendered image that is hard to distinguish from a photograph or a real life object. It is an amazing way to visualise your future projects.

These types of images are especially useful in the architecture and interior design process, but also for use in selling off plan developments, product displays, prototypes and furniture catalogues. 

A photorealistic image allows our clients to feel a real connection with the proposed space or product - leaving nothing to the imagination!  

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Measured Site Building Surveys 

LASER MEASURED SURVEY: Laser measuring is by far the most accurate way of mapping any property. We use state of the art measuring equipment and software to capture every detail inside and out of the property. A precision of ± 5mm over 100 metres is achievable with this equipment - giving a normal working accuracy of ± 25mm between any two points after building tolerances have been taken into account. During this process we will measure every room in the property, individually taking specific measurements of doors, windows, sill heights, changes in floor levels, ceiling heights and any structural details.

3D SCANNING: In larger or more architecturally challenging properties, we use a 3D scanning system to complement our laser measuring technique. The 3D scanning camera is placed in several positions in the room and completes a 360 degree scan, capturing every detail in the room with its amazing 134 megapixel camera. The scanner will also measure in all directions creating a 3D environment, which can then be walked through and assessed by the design team.


AERIAL UAV SURVEYS & PHOTOGRAPHY: A drone allows us to capture large areas of data in inaccessible or hard to reach locations, using high resolution photographs with GPS location information to provide you with a reliable and accurate package of information. The use of the drone is a far faster and safer means for inspecting high level area or areas where it may not be safe to walk, and removes the need for any high-level access equipment which can be costly, slow to operate, and has a limited operational reach. We’re also registered with the CAA and fully insured to under take commercial surveys. 

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Who We Are

About Our Company

Studio L49 is a carefully assembled team of designers, engineers and construction industry specialists who share the same passion for great design and an exceptionally high standard of work. Founded by David Livsey in 2016, David has spent the last 18 years working on projects across the construction industry. 

The team smash the boundary’s between discipline’s and believe that collaboration and teamwork is the secret to real achievement and progression!


With an attitude of rarely nothing being good enough, the team pride themselves with an exceptionally high standard of work, from the design studio to consultancy and training. 


The teams main focus is in architectural design and visualisations, measured building surveys and technical designs services. Generally speaking if a project or product is suitable, then they're happy to get involved. It doesn't matter to what degree, whether the service required is in 3D modelling, architecture, landscape, garden rooms, exhibition, product displays or room sets.


Year of Establishment


Projects Completed

David Livsey

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Founder of Studio L49

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Laser Measured Surveys

3D Site Scans

Aerial UAV Surveys & Photography

3D Design & Modelling 

Photorealistic Rendering 


Technical Drafting Services 

Consultation & Training

What We do

Our Projects

We take on projects with the intention of creating stunning designs, that will last a life time. 

Our Clients

We believe each client is a long term partnership

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and many more....

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